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The university session is over! 🎓

But that doesn't mean that Coop Berri-UQAM is closed.

You can get bulk and zero waste items, including Taille & Retailles products, all summer long at their store located in Metro Berri-UQAM!

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Do you participate in the circular economy? 🔄

The circular economy is more than a trendy concept! It really is the way of the future. Our ancestors understood it, we just have to reclaim it.

With my products and my company, I touch on several spheres of the circular economy:

  • 🗑️ Waste management: my products are reusable rather than disposable after use
  • 🗓️ Sustainable purchase: my products are designed to last several years
  • 🧩 Eco-design: I design all my products to reduce the use of materials
  • ⚜️ Responsible consumption: I favor local distributors for my purchases, and I use scraps when possible (e.g. terrycloth make-up remover wipes, slipper coasters, Mr. Freeze covers)
  • 🪡 Extension of the duration of employment: I offer repair and alteration services for clothing and other textile products

And you? What is your contribution?

To learn more about the subject, read this article from the AQZD:

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Friday game 🎲

Want lightness tonight? 🍷 Let the self-corrector complete the following sentence:

I like Taille & Retailles products because…

I start: “I like Taille & Retailles products because I'm not sure what I'm doing with decorative charms that can be used as a replacement for a broken zip. » 🤔🙃

Your turn now! 😁

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Do you like my content? 🥰

You follow me on social networks, but you miss posts too often? Blame it on the Meta algorithm… 🙄

How to get around this? Easy! Subscribe to the Taille & Retailles newsletter. 💌

Each week, you will receive an email with the contents of the week. 📬 You will also receive exclusive promotions, and sometimes even exclusives! 🤩

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Why Taille & Retailles? 🤔

Another question that I am often asked is about the origin of my name. 📛

In fact, when I officially launched my business, I had two main niches, and I couldn't leave one of them: original, unique and tailor-made creations 🪡 and creations with an ecological vocation ♻️. So I looked for a name that would represent this duality ☯️ well, in addition to having a beautiful sound and a link with sewing. 🧵

So in my mind, Size represents the uniqueness of custom creations, like a tailor. 👗 So this represents the few bespoke clothes and costumes I've made, and when I'm asked to make alterations and adjustments to clothes. 🪡 I admit that this side of my business has been quietly put aside, to further promote the second facet.

Retailles, who took the lead, represents the ecological side of my business. 🌿 Although the majority of my creations are not made from scraps, I find that the word represents the care not to waste material, to design the products well so as not to create unnecessary waste. 🗑️ And of course, when the opportunity arises, like for the Mr Freeze covers and the coaster slippers, the use of scraps to make new products. ♻️

So this is how, after a big brainstorm 🧠 and a focus group, I chose the name of my company in the fall of 2018. I am still as satisfied with my name after more than 3 years of existence, and I regularly receive compliments on it. So I'm very proud of it! 😀

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The 2021 prices will go TOMORROW!

Here is. It is done. My price review is ready to go live. I'll get to that tomorrow, Friday February 11th.

The increases will vary by product, but it will look like theinflation in Canada in 2021, or 3.4%, which is equivalent to between 0.25$ and 1$ for unit products.

Only the cheese cover and the wine slippers will not have a price increase.

So if you want to take advantage of the 2021 prices, well it's tonight that you have to place your order.

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Combining zero waste house and gifts: mission possible?

Would you like to do without gifts to consume less, but your loved ones are determined to give you some? Here are some ideas you can put on your list to make your home even more eco-responsible.

1. CANDLE MADE FROM LEFT WAX do it yourself

Gather several leftover candles that are not completely burned to create new, unique candles. Mix colors and scents and create the perfect candle!

Economical, practical and pretty, what more could you ask for?

Image source and tutorial:

2. ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN SET by Taille & Retailles

How to reduce daily waste at home? By replacing single-use plastic with waterproof and washable bowl covers and food bags! This set has everything you need to get started, with a trio of bowl covers and a large bag for freezing or storing food.



A lovely 2-in-1 basket in carefully chosen upcycled fabric. Perfect for rearranging your cabinets or dressing up your indoor plants by eliminating textiles from landfills. Beautifully replaces small plastic baskets or cachepots made in China. Gives a zero waste home a unique character.

From 8.00$ to 19.00$.


Perfect for replacing plastic wrap. Made with beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil. Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water.

From 5.00$ to 30.00$

5. MACRAME PLANTER by Mirya macrame

Perfect planter, made of recycled cotton rope, to display your plants around the house. Whether you want a neutral shade for a more boho decor or a bright color for a child's room or a mid-century decor, you will find your favorite.

From 25,00$ to 35,00$

This was the last of the articles for the 2021 eco gift guide.

Guide cadeaux écolos 2021 - couverture

To see the other 5 sections, follow the following links:

To receive the complete gift guide in PDF format, subscribe to the newsletter!

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5 great eco-friendly gift ideas for the person who has everything

We all have in our entourage a person who is difficult to satisfy, because he already has everything! It is all the more difficult if it tries to reduce its ecological footprint. Here are 5 ideas to surprise her, while respecting her values.

1. REUSABLE BREAD BAG by Taille & Retailles

Perfect for homemade bread or to go shopping at the local bakery without taking disposable packaging, this reusable bread bag will quickly become the favorite of the person who receives it! Its seal is between the paper bag and the disposable plastic bag, and it is easily machine washable. Offered in 2 sizes and a variety of fabrics, you can be sure to find the perfect match for the pickiest!


2. CAR GARBAGE by The Aunts

Who says “person who has everything” says “car”, and who says “car”, says waste, especially if you are traveling with your family! Made of leatherette and PUL, these bins are completely waterproof and they hang in different ways.

From 20$ to 35$


Even the person who has everything has to eat, and who doesn't like biscuits? Take inspiration from Ricardo Cuisine and make your cookie jar in a mason jar, then use your creativity and recycled materials to decorate it.

Success guaranteed!

Image source and recipe:

4. UTENSILS POUCH by Craft the 4 leaf clover

When you need to be original, this multipurpose pouch is perfect! Made of a double layer of waterproof fabric, it allows you to transport utensils without damage. It saves you from using a plastic bag to put your toothbrush, a set of washable straws and even an Epipen injector.



The person who has everything does not expect to receive such classy and original gift packaging. She can then use it for another gift that will wow or to carry her belongings in style. This furoshiki (original traditional Japanese packaging) will be perfect for wrapping a gift, books or bentō (meal to take away). It will get people talking every time!

From 8$ to 16$

The 6th and final section will be published on November 24. Stay tuned!

Guide cadeaux écolos 2021 - couverture

To see the other 4 sections published, follow the following links:

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What to give a host who practices zero waste?

Are you invited to a host who started a zero waste transition some time ago? He doesn't want presents, but you want to bring a little something? No problem! Here are some ideas that should fill it without cluttering it.

1. FOLDABLE FABRIC BAG by Craft the 4 leaf clover

Thank your host with this handy fabric bag that folds up into its own pouch. This bag, similar in size to grocery bags, will be appreciated by all!


2. WINE GLASS SLIPPER SET by Taille & Retailles

When we receive at home, especially during a pandemic, we really want to make sure that everyone is drinking from their cup! Made from scraps and sold in sets of several different patterns, these identifiers slip around the stem of the glass so that everyone recognizes their cut at first glance! Pretty, practical and ecological, what more could you ask for?!

From 15.95 to 43.95$


Say bye bye to disposable paper towels! Your host will be able to use them for years while thinking of you! They will know how to add color during weekday meals as well as embellish reception tables.

20.00$ for a set of 12


Want to put some sunshine in someone's life, no matter the season? Here is the perfect gift!
This cute little magnet can be placed in the screen door or on the fridge. Useful and pretty, one thing is certain, it will make you smile.


5. POT PLANT do it yourself

Put some greenery in your host's life! Succulents and cacti, as well as fine herbs are always appreciated and easy to maintain. Reuse a jar you have or find at a thrift store, and personalize it with mod podge or paint.

A great eco-friendly and economical gift!

image source: Can go

The other 2 sections will be published by the end of November. Stay tuned!

Guide cadeaux écolos 2021 - couverture

To see the other 3 sections published, follow the following links:

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