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What are your favorite contents? 🌟

I know that social networks greatly favor video content 🎥 over texts and images. But when you're not crazy to see and hear each other, creating videos takes a lot of energy and time... 😬 This is my case. You have surely noticed that there are almost none on my page. 🥺

Besides, I hardly ever watch it, because I don't have the video content in general. 🤢 I find them most often long for nothing, full of eeee…. and unnecessary repetitions. I much prefer reading text or looking at pictures, even though I often skim more than I read it. So it's hard for me to know where to go with that. 🙃

So tell me, you who follow me, did you prefer videos? And if so, please give me some ideas! 🙏 What could I put in short and relevant videos to help you in your ecological transition? 🤔