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Aerosols do not go to the recovery bin ♻️

Even if it's metal and it's a container. 🚫 Even if it was just whipped cream. 🚫 Even if you emptied it well. 🚫 Because it's under pressure, so at risk of exploding 🧨 or catching fire 🔥, either in the transport truck or at the sorting centre. You wouldn't want to cause an accident, would you? 🙅

It must therefore be disposed of at the ecocentre or at a collection point for hazardous household waste. Or better yet, don't use any, when possible. Although I admit that I'm fond of whipped cream spray, it's so good on pancakes or waffles… #plaisircoupable

And you? Can you do without aerosols? Are you disposing of it safely?

Thank you Tricentris for this valuable information, once again

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The top 7 baccalaureate errors ❌

Because putting only what is recyclable in the bin gives the recyclable material the chance to be recycled more easily and efficiently. ♻️ Bonus if you eliminate these types of packaging or products from your purchases! 😉

The top 7 baccalaureate errors

1. Bags of crisps;
2. Wooden crates of clementines;
3. Worn diapers (!);
4. Long objects (garden hose, garlands);
5. Freestanding pockets (nuts)
6. Plastic packaging that does not stretch (e.g. frozen food packaging – fries, fruits vegetables, pasta wraps, candies)
7. Coffee pods (Psst! Only Nespresso pods are recyclable since they have been thought out in collaboration with sorting centers, not the others!)

Grégory pratte, tricentris – Les radieuses magazine

Like the post if this info was useful to you. 👍

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A SORTING CENTER: What does it eat in winter…?!

Today, I'm sharing a somewhat long (35 minutes), but very informative video, about blue bins and sorting centers. The conversation between Grégory Pratte of Tricentris and Vanessa Schneider of My green choices teaches us a lot, and in a fun way, too!

Among other things, I learned that we shouldn't say a recycling bin, but a recovery bin. Because recycling happens AFTER the sorting centre. Did you know that?

Listen to the video and tell me what you learned again!

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♻️ Big changes to come for plastic recycling in Quebec ⚜️

It's not officially announced yet, but it's coming, according to Tricentris. Certain plastics for which there are no outlets will no longer be accepted at the recycling bin. 😟

We take bets on when it's gonna happen for real? 😆 Between the pandemic and government administrative heaviness, I say not before 2025! 📆

I hope that at least policy makers will take the time to develop measures to limit the production and distribution of these unrecovered plastics to the bin.

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Do not put recyclables in bags

Do you like it when it's simple? I do!

Did you know that putting your recyclable material in a bag doesn't help? It's more time for you, AND more time at the sorting centre! So let's get loose in the recycling bin! 😉

2 exceptions : bag of bags for plastic wraps that stretch easily, and shredded paper.

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What about aluminum then?

Yes aluminum foil is recyclable. Even soiled! 😱

In addition it's too easy, we are just asked to remove the residue as much as possible and to make a ball to imprison the soiled part. 😍

So at the next BBQ, don't just throw your aluminum foil in the trash! 🚫🗑 And if you have any questions about recyclable materials, don't hesitate to consult Tricentris! They are really strong on the communication side! 👍