“Mr Freeze” Frozen Stick Cover – No more frozen fingers!

$5,95 $ CAD

Say goodbye to using disposable paper towels to keep your hands warm while enjoying your favorite frozen treat, with the SIZE & RETAIL popsicle cover!

USE : Slip your favorite ice cream stick into the sleeve, and enjoy it without freezing your hands! Perfect for your children's sensitive little hands!


EQUIPMENT : Made of food grade PUL (polyester laminated urethane) fabric scraps, waterproof.

2 layers of fabric on each side for better insulation.

Safe for food use, safe for you and your children! Resistant, waterproof and durable, this fabric is ideal for this use.

MAINTENANCE : Hand wash in dish water or machine wash in lukewarm or cold water. Do not bleach or use fabric softener. Air dry or machine dry at low temperature.

Additional information

Weight 6g
Dimensions 5×2.5×0.1in
Fabric (PUL)

01. Blue plaid, 02. Blue apples, 03. Gray plaid, 04. Orange pineapple, 05. Spring green, 08. Limes, 12. Aquatic, 13. Lemons, 15. Cats, 16. Flamingos, 17. Floral, 18 Melons, 19. Popsicle, 20. Tropical, 22. Festive, 24. Astronauts, 25. Pink Junkfood, 26. Crayons, 27. Berries, 28. Whale Boats, 29. Llamas, 31. Daisies, 34. Cactus , 35. Butterflies, 36. Bees, 37. Bakery, 38. Coffee, 39. Strawberries, 40. Aqua, 41. Sunshine Yellow, 42. Royal Blue, 43. Fishing Cats, 44. Breads, 45. Pineapple and Stripes, 46. Fruit Pops, 47. Flower Bouquet, 48. Popsicle Twist, 49. Pink Grapefruit, 50. Pizza Margarita, 51. Feathers, 52. Mouse Grey, 53. Candy, 54. Fruit, 55. Cheese, 56. Delicious vegetables, Orange plaid, Orange, Fabric surprise!


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