Bean bag chair storage cover for plush-toys, clothes or bedding (Made to order)

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This bean bag or pouf type storage cover stores your child's many stuffed animals in a pleasant way! A great decorative and utilitarian storage for extra sheets or blankets, out of season clothes, etc!

IDEAL FOR THE READING CORNER: children love to sit on it to read a book or play. You can store stuffed animals in it, but also any other item of your choice, as long as it's soft to sit on! Perfect for a child's or baby's room, it's also a great original shower gift idea!


TAILORED : Made according to your color or pattern preferences, it will match the decor of your choice. Made of 1, 2 or 3 different fabrics.


  • Small (About 24″ – 61cm in diameter): Perfect for children. Reasonable storage volume.
  • Average (About 30″ – 76cm in diameter): The most popular and versatile format. Made for both adults and children.
  • Giant (About 37″ – 94cm in diameter): For storing VERRY MUCH of stock! You can fit up to 3 twin size feather duvets, several pillows or a lot of clothes.


  • UNITED : The image below is for illustrative purposes only. Color choices may vary over time and between suppliers. Please let me know your solid color choices in the comment section of your order. You can also attach a photo by email if the desired color is not in the list. I will try to find a shade as close as possible to your request.Choix de sergé uni

Choice of plain twill – Update 2021-02 – Choices may vary over time and according to suppliers

  • REASONS : My patterned twill supplier is Spoonflower : I invite you to consult their site to make your choice. They have an almost infinite variety of patterns for all tastes, you will certainly find yours there! Please copy the link of the chosen pattern in the comment section of your order.

MATERIALS : Strong cotton/polyester twill for years of use.

CLOSING : A sturdy 20″ (50cm) zipper allows it to be opened and filled.

Please note that this product is the cover only: stuffed animals or other stuffing are not included!

MAKING TIME : 10 to 15 working days after receipt of materials. Orders for plain fabrics are quick, however patterned fabrics take 2-4 weeks to receive.

Additional information

Weight 700g
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in
Ottoman size

Small 24", Medium 30", Giant 37"

Plain or patterned fabrics?

1 to 3 solid colors, Combination of solids and patterns – 2 panels with patterns and 4 panels in solid colors (1 or 2 colors), Pattern only – no solid color

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