Reusable mesh bag – Regular – Fabric of your choice

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Eliminate disposable plastic bags at the grocery store!

Very compact, resistant and light net bag. Can be used for fruits and vegetables, bulk or as a laundry bag. Easily rolls up for storage in purse or with your grocery bags.

SIZE: 10″ x 14″ (25cm x 36cm), when rolled up, the bag fits in the palm of your hand.


MATERIAL : #1 through 6 fabrics are made of polyester/lycra mesh. The #7 to 9 are made of curtain sheer (new fabric scraps) of polyester. They are resistant and allow you to see the contents of the bag during checkout.

WEIGHT : Each bag weighs only 22g, which will not increase your bill unnecessarily for items sold by weight.

CLOSING : The bag is closed with a strong nylon drawstring.

FINISHING : The seams are made with a 5-thread overlock for maximum resistance. They will even resist heavy contents, such as potatoes.

MAINTENANCE : Mesh bags can be machine washed in warm or cold water with regular laundry soap. They absorb very little water, so they can simply be air dried. They can also be tumble dried on low heat.

Additional information

Weight 22g
Dimensions 7×5×0.125in
Cloth (net)

1. White, 2. Floral black, 3. Floral blue, 5. Leopard, 6. Paisley, 7. Curtain #1, 8. Curtain #2, 9. Curtain #3, Fabric surprise!

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